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What is Quantum Mitigation ?????


Quite simply, Quantum Mitigation is a milestone that FooCrypt, A Tale of Cynical Cyclical Encryption achieved when it was first commercially published in February, 2018, it was achieved via Steganography ( FooSteg ) in May, 2019, and has once again been achieved via Cryptography ( FooStegCypher ), April 2021.


For those who are not aware of the up coming leaps in Cryptography due to the impacts of Quantum Computing, the European Union Agency For CyberSecurity has recently released a study ‘Post-Quantum Cryptography: Current state and quantum mitigation’



If you encrypt data that needs to be kept confidential for more than 10 years and an attacker could gain access to the ciphertext you need to take action now to protect your data. Otherwise, security will be compromised as soon as the at- tacker also gets access to a large quantum computer. 




FooCrypt.X.Y.Z.Core has been a leading Quantum Mitigation Software Solution since FooCrypt.X.Y.Z.Core integrated FooSteg ( Steganography ) into the FooCrypt, A Tale of Cynical Cyclical Encryption toolkit, which enabled end users to achieve a brute strength of INFINITY when data is embed via FooSteg into a FooSteg Data Image. FooSteg has been recently enhanced via FooStegCypher, which gained Australian Department of Defence, Defence Export Controls & Australian Signals Directorate approval late 4th quarter, 2020 and is NOW available in all FooCrypt.6.0.0.Core platform releases ( Darwin, Linux, Live Linux, Windows 10+WSLv2, Solaris x86 ).




FooStegCypher enhances the brute force obfuscation values for when a FooSteg Source Image and Data Image have been acquired by adversaries.


FooCrypt when utilised as per ‘The FooKey Method’ enhances the brute force stength of all OpenSSL Symmetric Ciphers that have been successfully validated for use with FooCrypt, as well as providing the end user with multiple options for creating a FooKey ( /dev/random, /dev/urandom, FooCrypt_Internal, External Random Data Generator via a Fifo, Any ASCII or Binary File, etc )




A FooKey_Msg enables the end user to write an ASCII message into FooCrypt’s Cypher_Key_Control, and encrypt the ASCII text via a FooKey, to create a FooKey_Msg, which can then be embed into a FooSteg Data Image for public transport via the internet, USB Device, etc.




Check out a Demonstration version of FooCrypt.X.Y.Z.Core and see what you and your business can do, to protect your valuable data, messages via FooCrypt, A Tale of Cynical Cyclical Encryption, A leading Quantum Mitigation Software Solution, Since February, 2018.


FooCrypt, A Tale of Cynical Cyclical Encryption, Provides you with the total peace of mind over the SECURITY & PRIVACY of YOUR DATA via Cryptography & Steganography

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